The food supply chain for food and beverages is vital for the health of the nation. A HACCP system is a preventative approach to controlling food safety. HACCP moves away from reliance on end product testing to a more proactive, preventative approach of controlling potential hazards.

The modern HACCP system and guidelines for its application were defined by the Codex Alimentarius Commission in the Codex Alimentarius Code of Practice.

Ascent of HACCP
The ascent of HACCP has been rapid, mainly because of the increase in the reported cases of serious food poisoning and the introduction of The Food Safety Act 1990 and The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 (EU Food Safety Directive 93/43/EEC), which requires a food business to carry out a hazard analysis.
Benefits of HACCP
  • A preventative approach to food safety
  • Can help identify process improvements
  • Reduces the need for, and the cost of end product testing
  • Is complementary to quality management systems such as ISO 9000
  • Provides evidence of due diligence
  • Reduces the likelihood of product recall & adverse publicity
  • Enhances customer satisfaction / reduces dissatisfaction
  • Facilitates better understanding of food packaging safety issues throughout the organisation
  • Improves staff performance through the promotion of team spirit
  • Improves staff morale and motivation through a cleaner working environment
HACCP Principles
The standard approach to HACCP is that specified by the Codex Alimentarius, 1997 and follows 7 basic principles:
  • Conduct a hazard analysis.
  • Determine the critical control points.
  • Establish critical limits.
  • Establish a system to monitor control of the CCP.
  • Establish the corrective action to be taken when monitoring indicates that a particular CCP is not under control.
  • Establish procedures for verification to confirm that the HACCP system is under control.
  • Establish documentation concerning all procedures and records appropriate to these principles and their application.
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